Vermont American Bits and Blades – Bosch Tools


  • How to reposition a U.S. made brand for growth after a decade of losing share to “cheaper” foreign bits and blades.
  • How to help the VFW halt declining membership during a time when the number of deployed servicemen is increasing.


  • Focus on tradesman as a source of business and a source of recommendation for the DIYer.
  • Put the power of the Vermont American Brand behind the VFW recognizing that among tradesman there is a disproportionate number of veterans.

CenterBrain Positioning Breakthrough:

  • Reposition Vermont American as Specialists to the Trades in Bits and Blades.
  • Create the Unmet Needs® ( program to provide direct, local support to families of deployed service men and women. Engage R. Lee Ermey (The Gunney) as a spokesperson.


  • Vermont American reverses their sales decline and rebuilds share.
  • The VFW raises over $5 million via the Unmet Needs program.

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