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Not in our right minds or our left

The CenterBrain Story

Through our combined experience, we spent decades in corporate America and we hired our share of ad agencies and big name consulting groups

We knew there had to be a better way

On the one hand there were the left brainers…

These were the very smart, very strategic, and often very expensive consultants.

They provided analysis, chart decks, and strategic vision, but they always left us short when it came to activating the brand with the consumer.

On the other hand there were the right brainers…

Mostly ad agencies, they were handed the strategy and asked to develop communication.

But, without a firm grasp on the “business” they tried to create their own way to something that was on strategy. Their efforts seemed to always fall short too.

The solution was in a new way of thinking…

In 1991, positioning was still almost a theory; we decided to make it a practice.

We developed the Triad Process® to uncover breakthrough positioning, we created a new skillset called CenterBrain Thinking®, and we wrote a best selling book about it.

We organized a team with complimentary talents all with the common trait of being both genetically creative and strategically trained.

Our Success speaks for itself

Our success speaks for itself

200 Brands Launched

200 brands launched

70 Consumer Categories

In 70 consumer categories

incremental sales

$4 billion in incremental sales

CenterBrain Timeline

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    CenterBrain is conceptualized

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    CenterBrain is test marketed

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    CenterBrain is launched

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    CenterBrain Partners is created

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    CenterBrain Thinking is published in U.S.

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    CenterBrain Partners' China office opens

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    CenterBrain Thinking is published in China