How to take high end graphic artist quality product from Germany and positioning it for kids.


  • Identified an opportunity to give children a new way to express themselves with paint using the Elmer’s heritage as endorsement for quality.
  • Communicated directly to a parental insight that painting is a fun way for children to create, but it’s too messy and time consuming and needs supervision.
  • Answered the plea from moms, “Let me say yes to painting.”

CenterBrain Positioning Breakthrough:

The fantastic no-mess way to create with paint! Say “yes” to painting!

CenterName Breakthrough:

Paintastics® (identified in less than two weeks once positioning was clear)


  • Tested in 2005. Launched in 2006.
  • Product expands into mass-merchandise stores in 2006 and is sold on QVC.
  • Leads paint business (all incremental) to $40 million in annual sales.

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