How to pivot a 100 year-old paper company to a long-term growth strategy.


Use the CenterStorm process to clarify a new mission and vision and deploy it company wide in 3-months. Position an innovative new business unit and pivot the company to a new line of business. Re-name the company once the pivot is successful.

CenterBrain Breakthroughs:

  • New Mission and Vision developed by CenterBrain: Crafting Innovation for Market Success
  • New Business Positioned and Named by CenterBrain: Encapsys®-Crafting Microencapsulation Solutions
  • New Corporate Brand Name Developed by CenterBrain: AppVion®-Applied Innovation


  • Mission and Vision are realized and company emerges financially stable and strong.
  • New business yields $50 million in new revenue and is positioned to grow to $250 million.
  • Company completes pivot to an “innovation” company versus a “forest products” company.

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